My visit to The Teapot

I don’t consider myself a tea connoisseur, I can’t imagine why anyone would, but I do enjoy a good blend of tea and I’m always seeking out new experiences for my next brew. Unfortunately, being in Jamaica comes with very limited tea options and you’d think the more pretentious *coughs Loshusan* supermarkets would carry a good blend! Nope.

Around mid-June I was wandering around Sovereign and I spotted my favourite tea in a likkle shop called “The Teapot” by the side-entrance of Sovereign. I was so excited about getting myself a spicy cup of chai and then it hit me: They’re the only place I’ve seen with this, I wonda a how much dem sell it fah!?

It wasn’t until yesterday that I got the courage to go inside and find out how much it would cost.


Before I could even get to look for my tea. I noticed how rich and tarry the air smelled and I spotted a few blends I had never heard of (or even thought). I started feeling a bit out place, you know that feeling when you look at the menu and nothing nah click to you? Yea… But the store owner was very kind and accomodating and helped me pick out a blend. I originally wanted a black chai blend, unfortunately that wasn’t available so she recommended I try  the best next thing: rooibos chai. I didn’t get to taste a sample, but I was given the opportunity to smell and compare the blend–I was in love. The spiciness of masala was giving me life!

The rooibos chai 4 oz cannister retails for $2800 but I was able to get it for $2500 because I’m adorable, haha. Did I mention it smelled amazing? and I wasn’t disappointed when I got home and poured a cup. The a rooibos chai masala, had strong hints of cinnamon and I loved it! I’m probably going to buy another blend as soon as I’m through with this.


The owner allowed me to smell a sample of whichever tea I was interested in and but after smelling the rooibos chai I was hooked. I  spotted a Bissy tea blend which I’ll probably give a try because bissy is something I’ve grown know as a-cure-all but it’s one of the worst tasting things I put in my mouth, hopefully this blend can save a lot of heartaches and tastebuds.


Before leaving, I bought a cup of green iced tea (infused with blueberries, raspberries and cranberries) for $300 and it’s one of the best iced teas I’ve ever had. I usually don’t expect much when I order iced teas because there’s often too much sugar and lime juice but this was perfectly blended and I don’t think I’ll be able to visit Sovereign now without getting a cup.


The costumer service was great, the owner helped me out with everything I needed and was kind enough to assist me with things I had no clue about. However, if you know Sovereign, you’ll know how small the space is so I’m not sure I would feel comfortable drinking there. Though she did say chai lattes will be joining iced tea on the list of teas served in house so… hmm… maybe I’ll revisit the idea of drinking there later.

The Teapot is somewhere I’m definitely looking forward to visiting again. As I said, it’s just a few months old, and the owner was still rearranging shelves when I visited yesterday. The language the owner used things was extremely simple and I’d recommend anyone (regardless of your tea-experience) to visit and find a blend that suits you.

Have you visited The Teapot? Share your experiences with me… Also, what’s in your cup?


Speaking of tea, my favourite writer- Kei Miller- reads his short story, The Business of Tea, a multilayered historical fiction that ties in slavery, social strata, sexuality and tea. 



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